Monday, April 7, 2014

With each breath, I Love You

"You cannot shift an external manifestation without changing the internal vibrational source."
- Matt Kahn from The Love Revolution

Monday, March 31, 2014

Ongoing Venue: Pathways to Wellness

The offices of Pathways to Wellness, a cooperative of healing practitioners, continues to open their doors to my artwork. It is a perfect venue for my work and they are thrilled to have it! 

I've just swapped out the work with fresh pieces in this rotating exhibit. Check them out the next time you visit.

It completely transforms the energy of the space. And they should know, since they are alternative healers who work with energy all day long. Thank you Pathways -- you are the best!

Pathways to Wellness is open business and workshop hours, and by appointment. 134 W. Harvard St, Ft Collins.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Artwork at Rocky Mountain Innosphere

For two years I had paintings on display at the Fort Collins offices of Innosphere on East Vine St. They have a fabulously new and Leed Gold Certified building that is a hub for entrepreneurial activities. With private office spaces and shared lab, conference, and outdoor spaces, it was a great place to showcase artwork.

Their motto: Bring Your Vision... and so I did, in the form of paintings. Thanks to the folks at Innosphere for providing the space. The big walls are wonderful for displaying art, and it is such a cool environment too.

"RAVE reviews!  Bonnie, I am getting fantastic feedback on the new artwork!  It even has pushed folks out of their comfort zone and has them exploring other floors to see! ;-)  Thanks again!"

Monday, March 3, 2014

In Love with the Details

I've been editing photos of my Love Letter Series, all 45 paintings! Wow, what a gorgeous bunch of paintings!

I can't even remember them all. I painted all 45 within 10 months, and some went from the table right to the storage closet to make room for the next. Yes, it was a delirious year. And I'm still feeling the effects.

I spent a furious, stupidly furious, single day last fall photographing them all. Silly me. I thought I could spend some time setting up lighting just right, then spend the rest of the time pumping through painting after painting...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Web Mondays

I am slowly coming out of my winter hibernation, peeking out from under the blankets and realizing I have work to do.

I've not updated my web portfolio for 18 months, for example. Heh. It's not like I've slacked off for over a year. In fact I've been up to my ears in too much to do. So this winter retreat has been very needed. And, realistically, I wanted to finish the series of paintings before releasing them to the wild. And then I rested. All good. No judgement.

This year already has a few things on the calendar, so I'm starting now, working through things methodically. That's how I do things. If you know me at all, or ever been to my place, you know I'm very organized. It helps to settle my brain so I'm not overwhelmed with the long task list.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Perseverance, The Work of 11 Painters

In December 11 of us hosted a show of paintings in the newly re-opened Carnegie Library - now known as the Community Creative Center. It was a diverse mix of artists' styles.

It is a very large space, so we each had a chunk of wall space to fill. I did an arrangement with one large (48" sq) painting and a grid of 12 smaller ones, all from the Love Letter Series.

And what a turnout! It was thrilling to have such a packed house on a non-first Friday night. People were all abuzz at the great work, and I even sold two pieces.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Creativity in a New Era

Can you step to the plate with creative pursuits that inspire you and fill people with the excitement you’ve felt from the work of others?
- Wes Annac, from Creativity in a New Era

In Stillpoint

It amazes me that it is already mid-Februrary. I've been in a winter phase of hibernation, enjoying the warm indoors and putzing around from one good intent to another. This is as is should be in these short, cold days, especially when it is an unusually wintery winter season.

And my list of good intentions is long! After finishing up the initial Love Letter Series in early fall, I went right into show mode, putting together a large show at the Community Creative Center (Carnegie) here in Fort Collins, and participating the the juried No Place Like Home show at the Lincoln Center (Foco). At the second show juror Cecily Cullen, Creative Director of the Metropolitan State University, Denver, awarded my painting an Honorable Mention. And it sold, even before the awards were announced!

So that was a good month...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fort Collins Lincoln Center

When you go to the Lincoln Center after dusk you can see my 12' painting, Whispers Riding on the Wind, through the windows. Of course you will get a MUCH better view by going inside. It's been on long-term display for a while now... and I'm hoping to find someone who just has to have it for themselves. Maybe that someone would even purchase it and donate it to the Lincoln Center! It just looks so perfect there.

The Fort Collins Lincoln Center is open business hours plus every evening when there are performances, which is most evenings of the week and always on weekends. And if you're lucky you may even find me there in the gallery on the first floor. We can discuss art, and not just mine.

-see you there
- Bonnie Lebesch

Friday, November 22, 2013

Two December Shows!

I'm thrilled to be included in two shows coming up very soon! Both shows feature work from my newest series, Love Letters. Be sure to mark your calendars now for these events...

This year's Lincoln Center Juried show is titled No Place Like Home and features work of 30 Colorado Artists. Opening First Friday December 6, 5-7 pm with a reception, and runs through January 11, 2014. I can't wait to see this show! It looks like a great lineup of artists. And...